About Wendy

Wendy Amdal

Owner + Master Stylist

A creative mind moved to create beauty in much of what she does, Wendy Amdal is highly perceptive to the relationship between color, form, and texture. She utilizes her understanding of these complex characteristics in the art of hairdressing. Her experiences and education from the world of hair and fashion have played an important part of who Wendy is as a stylist: from being seated on the panel of Vogue Magazine editors’ table in New York, to attending Prêt à Porter Paris, to being awarded the title “Master of the Craft” by a prestigious European organization, to being acknowledged for her work on stage by Vidal Sassoon. These experiences have also served to elevate and expand on the services she is able to offer her clients. Though many paths have been presented in her rich life, Wendy has chosen to remain in her hometown and maintains the namesake salon she is famous for in the heart of beautiful Madison Park, Seattle, Washington.